About Me

I’m an Assistant Teaching Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Tufts University, where I teach a mix of topics including embedded programming, computer architecture, and imaging systems. I received my PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Oklahoma Christian University.

My PhD research was at the intersection of computer architecture, software systems, and image processing: building systems capable of capturing images with microsecond timing constraints and processing them in real time with the energy budget of a mobile device. These days, most of my effort is on teaching, and I’ve become very interested in engineering education — using research methods to better understand how students think and aquire engineering skills. I like to build stuff with my hands and take things apart to figure out how they work. If you’re a Tufts student and like to take electronics apart, we should talk. :-)


The best way to contact me is by email: steven.bell _ tufts _ edu. To minimize distraction, I only check email a couple times a day, but I make an attempt to answer most messages within a day or two.

About this site

This site began as an attempt to pull together my many projects, ideas, and writings, in a way that Facebook or a standalone blog could not. Now that I’ve moved into professional life, it’s evolving to take on that role as well.

On the technical side, the site is hosted on GitHub Pages, using Jekyll to produce static HTML. You can read a little more about the development process in my blog post.

I’ve tried a variety of setups in the past, including plain-vanilla HTML, a custom PHP setup, and Jemdoc. I’m also attracted to the ease-of-use that WordPress offers, but right now I really like the simplicity of plain text and the idea of having my website be a version-controlled repository. If you want to see the source, here it is.